Monday, February 25, 2008

The Face of Useful Idiocy

Meet Norman Finkelstein, one-time professor of political science at DePaul University, now unemployed Holocaust denier and proud defender of Hezbollah.

Lenin referred to his intellectual accomplices in the West as "useful idiots" behind their backs because they were too blinkered to realize the strategic and ideological value of their treason, and the fact that they would be the first to be killed if any Soviet-style regime were, per impossible, to ever be installed in the US. It must have been a sorely needed source of mirth for the busy architect of world-wide revolution.

But now we find Lenin is succeeded by other would-be architects of world wide revolution, the exuberant branch of the Religion of Peace. Similarly eager to grace the world with their own form of tyranny, the Islamic Caliphate has many features that would please Lenin, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. If you have scratched your head over why there seems to be such affinity between radical Islam and the hard Left, one major overlap is this: the goal of total control of society in all its aspects, regardless of the original ideological reasons for desiring such control, can only be put in place by force and fraud. The vast experience of the Communist Left all over the world points the way on both counts, but the fraud comes first.

The road to domination begins with subversion by elites. The hollowing out of political, social, and cultural institutions can most usefully be brought about by the very conservators of those institutions. Political Science professors, for instance. Subversion is occasioned by those within the regime that hate it, and are willing to undermine it. The slogan of the New Left of the 1960's was "Whatever it Takes," and they resolutely set out to establish the drug culture, free sex, and political violence among the pampered college age Boomers in order to delegitimize "the System" or "Establishment". Our constitution, our laws, our religion, our morals, our science, our way of economic organization, the family, marriage, sexuality, our whole way of life-- has been undermined to a dangerous extent. Our new enemies have half their work already done for them, as witness the pathetic responses to Muslim aggression in England and all of old Europe. Empty churches, demoralized citizens untutored in the reasons for their own existence as a culture; hollowed out individuals and hollowed out institutions: all thanks to the energetic subversion by the educated elites and the willing dupes of Europe. And of course America has its very own cadre beavering away, now in service to newest bullies to come around. Finkelstein specializes in undermining our support of Israel, which must be seen as the canary in the coal mine for the West.

Norman Finkelstein speaks for an alarmingly large 5th column of whacko antisemitic leftists in this country, but at least one university was able to cut out the disease. The question is, what took so long?

If you have the stomach, a link to an interview on Lebonese television is here:,2933,332360,00.html

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Ymarsakar said...

It is a trait of human nature that once you cut off the ties of an individual to his family, to his beliefs, and to those that can provide love and care to the individual, you are then able to create a mindless slave simply by being there to provide a reason for that individual's existence. Humans are social and thus wish to be under a hierarchy. They wish to belong, and the 60s Boomers wished to belong more than any other generation in a way.

By cutting off people's connections with the past, with their ancestors, and with the foundations of their society, you set adrift the people in an endless sea of confusion and disharmony. The hurricane of disbelief washes away many individuals made too weak to grasp the roots of their true past. Instead, people are blown off and washed away by their rejection of the Establishment, by their belief that the leadership and society that created them are no longer worthy of respect or even consideration.

Cast off by their own choices, which they saw as necessary because they were made to see it that way while young and vulnerable, they try to create new bonds of loyalty and attachment to whatever flotsam and jetsam passes on by in the hurricane. And thus that's how you obtain the loyalty of useful tools. You start them young and then provide yourself as an example of the best thing that ever happened to them. Since the young do not know any better, they cannot resist your propaganda and brainwashing techniques. And they never will be, because you have locked into their identity the rejection of the establishment and their ancestors. For them to change, they must reject their own identity. And few people have the strength of will to do that, for it requires the same strength as facing death itself face to face. Facing the thought of one's own mortality and accepting it.

The Left says conservatives and Republicans operate on fear and use fear for political gain. That's funny coming from a group that has consistently rejected the acknowledgement of their own mortality and fallibility.