Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain and the Church of Global Warming

Larry Thornberry has the relevant question of the day:

If Republicans are going to be stampeded by phony environmental alarms and propose terrible public policies in the name of these scams, what the hell do we need Democrats for?

Bjorn Lomborg, one of the few sensible environmentalists alive today, has a cost/benefit analysis of Kyoto here: hint--it's throwing dollars into the wind for pennies in return.

UK Guardian: Money for Nothing - Björn Lomborg

And David Limbaugh, brother to Rush, gets to the nub:

It is not Earth's ecosystem that hangs in the balance, but America's future. Those whose vision isn't blurred by green-colored glasses and the temptation to win accolades from the leftist-dominated culture can see that the global push to "save the planet" is more about destroying capitalism, private property and Western culture than sound, science-based environmental stewardship. Never mind the staggering contradiction that free market economies produce cleaner environs.

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