Saturday, June 14, 2008

Now the AIDS Truth Can be Told

Who would have guessed it? Turns out the world-wide hysteria whipped up starting in the 1980's about the threat to heterosexuals from an AIDS pandemic was...a flat out lie. And almost everyone who knew anything about it knew it was a lie. Kevin De Cock--I'm not making that up--who has headed up the world-wide effort to fight AIDS for the widely admired UN, now admits what most of us knew all along--it is a disease that threatens only high-risk groups--homosexual men, drug users, and prostitutes, and these mainly in poor African countries. Brendan O'Neill in the UK Guardian newspaper lays it out straight:

It is time to recognise that the Aids scare was one of the most distorted, duplicitous and cynical public health panics of the past 30 years. Instead of being treated as a sexually transmitted disease that affected certain high-risk communities, and which should be vociferously tackled by the medical authorities, the "war against Aids" was turned into moral crusade.

Yes, and an extremely profitable moral crusade, both in terms of putting traditional morality back on its heels and advancing the notion that sexually transmitted diseases can happen to anyone, but almost as importantly, as a lever for prying billions out of Western, mainly American, taxpayers' hands.

And guess what--when something works for you, you stick with it. Anyone want to bet that twenty years from now we'll be getting a similar admission about the distortions, duplicity, and cynicism of the moral crusade mounted by the global climate alarmists? But not until after--funny how this works-- they've prised hundreds of billions from Western publics unable to defend themselves from duplicitous and cynical politicians, eager in their devotion to the new morality to punish us for our immoral excesses. Oh, and to direct all that taxpayer largess to the new winners in life's lottery.


David C. Innes said...

This is the same justification schools are offering when they insist that ALL girls aged 9-12 get immunized with the HPV vaccine. They tell you that all girls should have it because all of them will become what we call "sexually active" (sounds healthy!). If you dispute this, you are "fooling yourself."

David C. Innes said...

For information on the HPV vaccine, go to the CDC website: