Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nancy Pelosi, Co-Redemptress

Look who wants in on Obama's messenger from heaven routine--its Nancy Herself Pelosi, who was until recently merely Speaker of the House. Now, in a daring--might we say audacious?-act of self promotion, she has promoted herself to Co-Redemptress. Brooking no backtalk from miserable, kvetching, menial Republicans, Nancy has declared her mission is... to Save the Planet! and she will not let constitutional objections, or any kind of objections, stay her from her God given quest.

Perhaps we'll see something like a scene from a comic book, where the super heroes join forces to vanquish evil. BAM!! POW!! Short sighted, greedy and evil Republicans with no regard for the safety of the whole world must stand aside and let eco-righteousness flourish. In their fabulous capes and tights, the Lord Obama and his spunky semi-divine sidekick St Nancy join forces to lay low the reactionary forces of capitalism, free markets, and individual freedom. After they cause the seas to recede and chase unworthy breathers of our air away, they will usher in a new era of shared responsibility, global taxes, and top-down control by Those Who Know. And saving this planet is only the beginning!
So many worlds, so little time!

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David C. Innes said...

Given her low popularity, the more pictures of Him with Her, the better. That is the connection the Republicans need to make.