Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Mask Is Off

Larry Kudlow, who has educated me in the ways of economic science starting back in the early 80's, had on his TV show one Donald Luskin, another of the truly good guys and straight shooters on the scene today. Unsurprisingly, he weighed in with an impassioned, off the cuff riff not unlike many posts by David and me in this space over the last 18 months. Listen to the entire segment of Kudlow's CNBC show to hear Luskin's dead-on take on the Bamster. The kernal of what he said, picked up in res media:

"None of the things that are happening now should have been a surprise. The things that Obama is doing, his war on capitalism, his unholy partnership with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in the war on capitalism are exactly all the things he promised in his campaign. There is no bait and switch, no surprise--look, you and I are optimists, we tried to think he was a centrist because he appointed someone like Larry Summers instead of someone like Robert Riech, but you know, the mask is off. He is trying to socialize this country, with socialized health care, with carbon taxes, with raising taxes on hedge funds and private equity funds and even ordinary investors. He wants to wipe out your 401K so you will be dependent on the federal government for your health care and your retirement, and until that runaway train, that legislative onslaught, that is being made possible in the name of emergency, until that train is halted, stocks cannot sustain any meaningful rally."

Some of you--and you know who you are--have been thinking David and I have been too harsh on the One, rushing to judgment as it were. But we were on to Barack the hard leftist in moderate/pragmatic/centrist clothing from the beginning. We are now witnessing the full court press by the hard left in finalizing their 70 year old dream of politicizing all of American life, controlling you in every discernible aspect of your life.

Sort of like the 1980's TV show "V", in which alien invaders masquerade as humans in order to take over the world.

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