Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hockey and Natural Law

Canada beat Russia 7-3 in Olympic hockey. The natural order is affirmed. After beating Slovakia (should that be too difficult?), they will go on to play (it is safe to assume) the USA for the gold medals.

We Americans seem to master everything we touch (sadly, that doesn't include me). But Americans, as far as I can tell, have little interest in hockey. We have three big sports: baseball, basketball, and football. Around here, I don't see any excitement for the New York Rangers. Yet there we are in Vancouver at the top of the game, besting and rivaling those who give it all their national attention. Granted, many on the team play in the NHL. (That's the commercialization of the Olympics. I was inevitable.) But how do we get so many Americans who are good enough for NHL competition, unless they are Canadians who have adopted American citizenship?

Canadians do nothing but play hockey and wonder why Americans aren't socialists. They lose at politics, but they should win at hockey.


Jen said...

Slovakia is playing amazingly well beating Sweeden, the defending Olympic champions. Don't knock Slovakia!

David C. Innes said...

Ugh! have I gone from being a smug Canadian to being an arrogant American? Or an insufferable worst-of-all-possible-worlds combination of both?