Monday, March 1, 2010

Climate Science As One Would

There is a great need for more Francis Bacon (the philosopher, not the "artist") in the news coverage of our day, many have been saying (I bet).

I provide this in my recent post, "Political Climate Science."

The global warming scam has been pressed upon us with frantic alarm by everyone from Al Gore to the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia to virtually every teacher in the public school system. Life on the planet, we were told, is in mortal danger from climate change brought on by carbon emissions. The research was in, and there was a solid “consensus” in the scientific community. The only rational and morally defensible course was to empower governments everywhere to impose severe restrictions not only on manufacturing but also on every aspect of human life. Call it our own generation’s “fierce urgency of now,” as Martin Luther King Jr. put it with far greater justification. Then we discovered that what we were assured was settled science as a basis for worldwide emergency measures was actually, as National Review’s Rich Lowry put it, just “global-warming advocacy rather than dispassionate inquiry.”

Read on to find Lord Bacon's explanation for this scandal, and my own reflection on the priests in white lab coats.

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Harold Kildow said...

More Bacon, I say! Well done Doctor. That's a great quote, and appropos.