Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Widening Scope of God's Blessing

Since starting my Piety and Humanity blog alongside this one, I fear that a kind of separation of church and state, of thinking about this world and the next, may have emerged in my blogging, or at least may suggest itself by the division of labor.

So on this beautiful Lord's Day afternoon, let me direct your attention from right here at Principalities and Powers to my pastor's worthwhile blog, Relocating to Elfland.

Try this little teaser from a recent post.

Psalm 1 begins with the memorable words, “Blessed is the man.” Psalm 2 ends with the promise, “Blessed are all.” Already a kind of inclusio becomes visible, tying the two Psalms together, as well as a progression from what is basically individual blessedness to something more universal in scope.

Well, if that doesn't draw you in, you've never savored the sweetness of the first two psalms. You can start now.

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