Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anthony Bradley on Beck

Anthony Bradley, my colleague at The King's College, was on the Glenn Beck Show yesterday explaining black liberation theology.

Beck takes most of the almost 18 minutes to talk about Marxism, BLT, and the gospel (more or less). Well, it's his show, right? Dr. Bradley comes in via satellite at the end.

Anthony Bradley's book is Liberating Black Theology (Crossway, 2010).

This is not Dr. Bradley's first time on Beck. Here he is in March 2008 just after the Jeremiah Wright eruption.

Here is Marvin Olasky interviewing Anthony Bradley when he was a visiting professor at the college.

You should also read Bradley's column today in, "Why Black Liberation Theology Fails."

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notseesick said...

How does Mr Bradley square writing himself into the Glenn Beck narrative with his professed belief in treating your fellow man(woman)with the respect and dignity of one who shares a core identity with the divine.