Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Worldmag columns 2010

I have been busy grading for most of the month...oh, and then there was Christmas. But I see that I have not posted all month. But I have still been active over at And it seems that I got three of the top 20 commentaries of the year, as did my friend and colleague Anthony Bradley as well.

1. Farewell emerging church, 1989-2010 by Anthony Bradley

2. Proclaiming Christ on Fox News by D.C. Innes

3. To brainwash a parent by Megan Dunham

4. ‘Hallelujah’ for Macy’s by Marcia Segelstein

5. We’re doomed by D.C. Innes

6. Why black liberation theology fails by Anthony Bradley

7. Mishandling twentysomethings by Anthony Bradley

8. Sneak peek: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer by Megan Basham

9. Sultans of snoot by Marvin Olasky

10. The Episcopal Church, Wiccans, and the Divine Feminine by Marcia Segelstein

11. Leaving out God by Ken Blackwell

12. A Palin skeptic takes a second look by D.C. Innes

13. Genuine revival by Cal Thomas

14. So, you want to date my daughter? by Amy Henry

15. Those pesky homeschoolers by Megan Dunham

16. Homosexuality healed by Marcia Segelstein

17. The Fourth on the Fifth by Lee Wishing

18. Marketing the ‘religion of peace’ by Tony Woodlief

19. Whoopi, Joy, and Barbara do theology by Janie B. Cheaney

20. Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus! by Ken Blackwell

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