Thursday, March 24, 2011

Immanuel Kant and Thelonious Monk

I have spent the day reading Kant's Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics while listening to the historic 1957 recording of Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane (on vinyl!). You tell me if those two things--that labor of the eyes and that pleaure of the ears--go naturally together.

Because I am an infantalized, 21st century consumer, I went onto Amazon to see if I could get it inexpensively on CD and right now when I want it, preferably in just two days. Yup. Six bucks. Delivered.* With extra tracks. My character is rotting even as I type. But "Ruby My Dear" and "Well, You Needn't" will sound good on the LIRR after I load it all onto my iPod.

I then went looking for Max Roach, as I do from time to time. Freedom Now Suite is still too pricey for me. But I found this interesting video that graphically presents the song I'm looking for. I thought it was on M'Boom or Freedom Now Suite, but I didn't hear it on the sample tracks.

Of course, that is only half the song, as I recall. He takes off from there. I'll keep looking.

*We have Amazon Prime.


I found it. (It was there on the Internet the whole time!) It's on Chattahoochee Red. Of course! But it's not available on Amazon, neither new nor used. Why? Why! Why can't I have whatever want right now from sitting on my couch? (Remedy for this petulant, infantile feeling of entitlement: read previous post on all the evil in the world and the great hope of the world.)

Amazon does tells us this: "For this quartet outing, Max Roach performs seven group originals plus tributes to Clifford Brown ("I Remember Clifford"), Thelonious Monk ("'Round Midnight") and John Coltrane ("Giant Steps"). Roach's regular band (with trumpeter Cecil Bridgewater, Odean Pope on tenor, flute and oboe, bassist Calvin Hill and on "Wefe," guest pianist Walter Bishop, Jr.) is in excellent form on this spirited outing; pity that this LP has been out of print for quite some time." (emphasis added. Pity? Inexplicable!)

Side 1:
The Dream/It's Time I Remember Clifford
Reach For It
Lonesome Lover
Wefe (We-Fay)

Side 2:
Six Bits Blues
'Round Midnight
Red River Road
Giant Steps
Chattahoochee Red

Max Roach - drums, chimes, tympani, percussion
Calvin Hill - bass violin
Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet, flugelhjorn
Odean Pope - tenor sax, alto flute, oboe
Walter Bishop, Jr. - piano

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