Friday, April 1, 2011

Andy Innes, Johnny Clegg, and Jeff Beck

There is a South African guitarist named Andy Innes who is worth your attention. Here he is promoting some sound equipment, but you can hear a bit of his playing at the end.

He plays for the Johnny Clegg Band. Here is Johnny Clegg singing "Asimbonanga" with an appearance from Nelson Mandela.

Based on a song I heard on his MySpace page, "Low Flyer," which is no longer there, Andy's playing reminds we of Jeff Beck. Here is Jeff Beck.

Andy is orginally from Manchester, England, but we're of no relation that I know of. (My family moved from Aberdeen down to Coventry in the early 1960s after my parents emigrated to Canada.) We're both Inneses and we both studied philosophy as undergraduates. That's it. (Note the philosophy degree. He is not just some aging, garageband punk.)

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Andy said...

Thanks for the kind words, David. As it turns out, I recorded that piece you liked with a great band, along with some other original works on a debut solo project called "Anthems of a Stranger". I'd be happy to send you a copy if you would let me have your address. I'm contactable via I figured you would moderate this and see it before it made the front of your site