Saturday, May 21, 2011

No You Kahn't

Rich and powerful guys often to think they can just have anything they want. There must be a feeling of omnipotence when you are Domenique Strauss-Kahn or a big actor or rock star. It offends our belief in human equality, whether democratic or Christian.

So it was with some anger that I received the news that the head of the International Monetary Fund and soon to be candidate for the French presidency pounced on his New York Sofitel maid as though she were a amenity like the mint on his pillow. And it was with some pleasure that I thought of the man in leg irons, eating prison food on Rikers Island (A Frenchman eating prison food! American prison food.), and doing his privacies in full view of the prison guards. Ha!

It was even more entertaining then to read an April 16 article on Strauss-Kahn, "French Presidency: Yes He Kahn." As in America, people are beginning t put themselves forward for the highest office to challenge the incumbent president, though for the Socialist Party. Strauss-Kahn was widely suspected of gearing up for a run, though because he was president of the IMF (he has just resigned that post) he was contractually forbidden to discuss French politics.

The irony of these speculations a few weeks before the big man's humiliation is hilarious.

"A source close to the IMF says that Mr Strauss-Kahn’s diary is busy in May, but clear after that."

"The best guess is that Mr Strauss-Kahn will quit the IMF and declare in late May or early June."

"While out of the country, Mr Strauss-Kahn has been able to glide above the grubby business of French politics."

"With his years on a big salary in Washington, not to mention a rich wife and a house in Marrakech, Mr Strauss-Kahn needs to show that he is in touch with ordinary folk."
That last one is particularly precious.

For a little more fun, here is Jon Stewart. Much of the first clip pertains to the discovery of Osama bin Laden's pornography indulgence, gets around to other stories that tragically overloaded Stewart's comedy agenda for that show, Strauss-Kahn's faux pas included. S-K shows up at the 4 minute mark.

This one came after Strauss-Kahn posted $1 million in bail.

I hope that a certain African hotel maid presently hiding from the media somewhere in New York is taking some satisfaction in her (alleged) assailant's torment at the hands of professional clowns.

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