Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Gospel Seen from the Left

Here is my co-author, Lisa Sharon Harper, answering the question, "What is an Evangelical?"

Lisa Sharon Harper: What's an Evangelical? from Sojourners on Vimeo.

I have entitled this post "The Gospel Seen from the Left." Should it read "The Left seen from the Gospel?" Any comments?


GTT said...

Perhaps I am just naive, but I always thought evangelicalism started on the day of Pentecost and not during the abolitionist movement. Those early believers also believed in conversion, Biblicism, and the power of the cross--not to mention caring for the poor. There may be some kind of historical truth to what Lisa says here, but I think she uses that to link evangelicism with political activism (of the sort she endorses).

David C. Innes said...

I think Lisa has American Evangelical movement in mind. This is sometimes dated from the emergence of Protestantism in the 1950s from fundamentalism on the one hand and mainline liberalism on the other. But it also traces back to the first and second Great Awakenings. Of course, it links back to the Reformation which itself links back to the early church. You've got a point, however.