Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Failing Their Political Oral Exams

Here, Herman Cain fails his political oral exam. It is not a matter of failing an ideological litmus test. It's not a matter of tripping up on an obscure question, like, "Who is the president of Uzbekistan?" He is clearly not qualified for the job. He doesn't need to know what a president needs to know. He doesn't have the requisite experience.

He didn't know that China has nuclear weapons, though they have had them since 1964.

Now this obvious ignorance of what's been going on in Libya in 2011.

This follows Rick Perry's disqualifying performance last week.

That would get you bounced from America's Got Talent. Why not also the race for the presidency?


Anonymous said...

Herman Cain's response on Libya is terrifying. He will never be elected.

Richie said...

That Libya video is something. He could have not been more lost if he had been asked "How brown fog supermarket does lamp?"

I had high hopes for Cain, but I agree that he has shown himself to be in over his head.

David C. Innes said...

Thanks Ritchie. That is classic Grote. I will show this to my wife. "Do you see what I had to put up with from this student?" Have you considered blogging?

Glenn, Class of '77 said...

After the anonymous sexual harassment allegations, I had been thinking that I would vote for whoever the Left savages the most that is still in the race by the time the Florida Primary comes around. (Meaning I would vote for Cain.)

However, Cain's recent displays of ignorance of foreign affairs have made me reconsider this.

David C. Innes said...

Thanks for chiming in, Glenn. It is astounding. Look for my WORLDmag.com column tomorrow on this subject.

GTT said...

I may be clinging to a false hope, but the reason why I think Perry's flubs do not disqualify him is that he is a principled conservative (and evangelical Christian) with a compelling life story and 12 years of successful experience as governor of an important state. Is there any other candidate that even comes close to fitting this description?