Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conservatives Are Poised to Vote

The conservative base of the Republican party is back in the game and playing to win. This is the report from Bill Whittle at National Review Online ("Proud of the GOP").

I have personally seen hundreds of crusty, old-school paleocons who despised McCain now saying “He finally listened to us.” By picking Palin — instead of Lieberman, who we all know he wanted — he has told conservatives that he gets it. They’re not holding their noses and voting any more. They want yard signs and bumper stickers — they can’t wait to vote GOP. And the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, folks: they are writing checks.

His take on how Obama has been neutralized is spot on. "Sarah stole Obama’s glamour. McCain stole his message."

This comes as Obama Fatigue is settling in. There are two groups that are not fatigued and won't be: (1) the true believers who will commit mass suicide with him the day after his electoral defeat if he tells them they should, and (2) the millions who heard him for the first time during his acceptance speech. But there is also a significant number of politically attuned voters, perhaps independents, perhaps moderate Democrats and Obamapublicans, who are sick of hearing the media fawning over him for so long, and disturbed at the Messianic expectations that constantly surround him, especially now that he stands in real contrast to a genuine leader.

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