Monday, November 24, 2008

Clintons We Can Believe In

Bad news for the far left is good news for the rest of us. Kirsten Powers tells us what's driving the blogoleft crazy in "Left At The Altar" (New York Post, Nov. 23, 2008).

Shocked that the man who ran as a post-partisan candidate seeking the middle ground is being post-partisan and seeking middle ground, these people are blasting Barack Obama's early, centrist decisions.

I have no doubt that Obama is planning a radical agenda of some sort--abortion, "harvesting" human stem cells, slow government take-over of the health care system, etc.--but so far the promised "change" is looking like government as usual. Who would have thought the Clinton team would ever be a sight for sore conservative eyes?

David Bobb at Hillsdale College refuses to draw comfort from this. WORLD magazine reports:

Instead of Clinton-style Third Wayism or hard leftism, Bobb said Obama's choices to date signal Progressivism: "Obama lately has paid tribute to Abraham Lincoln, who held that the principles affirmed by the founding generation were immutably true. The Progressives held that the only thing that is constant is change . . . so the really interesting questions aren't about the Clinton retreads but rather the fundamental beliefs our president-elect has about America and the principles upon which it is founded," such as natural rights, natural law, and a static, rather than "living," Constitution. "The evidence suggests that President-elect Obama . . . should keep reading [his] Lincoln, and add to it Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Washington," Bobb said.

Of course, he's right, and I was wrong to lower my guard. Even with just 58 or 59 Democratic Senators, we can expect a radicalization of the Supreme Court, and with that the Constitution with fade into the mist of time.

The cartoon comes from Sean Rubin at The Daily Princetonian.

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