Sunday, November 2, 2008

Defining the Capitalist Enemy Down

We've all watched the shifting line of demarcation between those rich and criminal enough to expropriate from and those to be showered with the largess. The number started out at $250K; then Obama casually lowered it to $200K; Joe Biden, possibly in error, but who knows? mentioned $150K; next, the always unpredictable Governor Richardson made it $120K.

Now this video, from 2003, has Obama talking more in his native tongue--and sounding much more believable. Now we hear numbers like "50, 60, 70 thousand a year" Remember that paying taxes is about the only thing mentioned by this campaign as being patriotic; they'll be extending the opportunity for patriotic expression far and wide--kind of like spreading the wealth. Oh--and don't forget Obama's definition of selfishness: being against his brand of redistribution as fairness.

Wanting to keep the money you earn is no virtue; expropriation of capital is no vice.

In describing the ever-widening gyre that took in increasingly improbable "enemies", the French Revolution was famously said to have "eaten its own children." Similarly, as more and more parts of the coalition for hope and change find themselves on the wrong side of the wealth line, they'll have reason to reget their ardor for the revolution they brought about.

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