Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eat More Donuts

Fred Thompson explains how the stimulus package(s) coming our way actually work: its like telling a fat guy he can lose weight by eating more donuts. Call it the Homer Simpson Recovery Act.

Innes adds: Fred is good at this. But while this video is entertaining, I doubt that the former Senator from Tennessee and recent candidate for the Republican presidential nomination is going to all this bother simply for our entertainment.

The "comment from Fred's den" that I have given you here was Thompson's response to Michael Moore after he challenged Thompson to a debate. When I saw it I thought I saw the next president. I saw strong principles, republican principles, and an ability to communicate such principles that we haven't seen in years.

But he delayed announcing his candidacy, he had severe organizational problems, and an appearance of sleepy indifference, something I have never seen before in any aspirant for the executive office.

So is Fred back on his feet? Are these videos to parallel Reagan's many radio addresses that he delivered on a myriad of political, economic and cultural issues in the 1970s? Is Fred positioning himself and building his base for a better organized run in 2012? I see that Chris Cillizza does not list him in the GOP Ten Mostly Likely list. So much for early lists.

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