Monday, December 8, 2008

Heavens Above! Ambassador Bill?

Apparently, Sean Rubin is not only a good cartoonist, he's also a mind reader.

Message to President Clinton: If Barack Obama offers you the new post as "Ambassador to the Stars," you should not envisage yourself hobnobbing in Hollywood.

Actually this is the way Peter Sellers' Heavens Above (1963) ends. It was his last film before rocketing to stardom. It is actually a fine film that explores the moral and economic consequences of thoughtless charity understood as giving to the poor. It could have been subtitled, "The Tragedy of Christian Compassion." Marvin Olasky take note!

At first, it might seem to be a condemnation of Christian morality from the point of view of modern economic science, but the film is more multilayered than that. It is seems to be more of a dialogue than a message. The idea for the film came from Malcolm Muggeridge, but the film predates his conversion.

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