Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cuddly Little Pirates

The Christian school that my children attend starts off each semester with a week of theme days on which they kids get to come in dressed as Bible characters or with clashing clothes and so on. Today is "pirate day." It is interesting the way pirates have been rehabilitated over the last 200 years. They have become something between humorous and romantic. In Pirates of the Caribbean, Will Turner can protest that Jack Sparrow is not only a pirate, but also "a good man," and no one even raises an eyebrow. Have I missed something?

We do have a little costume set that we purchased at Target, but I thought I'd send them to school with a speed boat and a shoulder launched missile to make them look more up to date, more authentic.

I wonder if schools and birthday parties 200 years from now will have terrorist themes. Darling children will show up with explosives strapped to their little bodies. Oh, hold on. They do that in the Middle East today.

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posty mcposterton said...

christian warriors... I remember the gruesome (in hindsight) songs we used to sing in bible school. it's a frightening thought how militant the dogma is in young christian circles.