Friday, March 27, 2009

Help Them Somebody!

David Byrne and Brian Eno in 1977

I just heard the recent David Byrne and Brian Eno album, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, on their website, With My Life in the Bush of Ghosts in mind, I hoped for something rhythmic and tastefully odd. It's not there.

I'm amazed that these guys make enough to cover their food and rent. There is nothing here that compares in any way to "Born Under Punches," "Somber Reptiles," or "Maria Lando," or from Eno alone, "I'll Come Running To Tie Your Shoe." "Strange Overtones" is the closest they come.

I hope that the new U2 album is better. I expect it will be.

But I don't pretend to be a music critic. If you have any fondness for these guys, you can listen to the entire album by using that embedded thing above. Click playlist.

To read about the album and how they collaborated to make it, read "Together Again in Different Time Zones" (New York Times, August 15, 2008).

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Benjamin Shaw said...

As for me, I never had any interest in Brian Eno, and I thought David Byrne (and Talking Heads) horribly overrated.