Monday, March 2, 2009

Quote of the Week

From Mark Steyn, the smartest Canadian I know--aside from David:

"Last week, the president redefined the relationship between the citizen and the state, in ways that make America closer to Europe. If you've still got the Webster's to hand, "closer to Europe" is a sociopolitical colloquialism meaning "much worse." "


posty mcposterton said...

"much worse"...?

Geez, you guys are fairly fatalistic about the trajectory and/or overzealously fond of the past results here in the States.

I'm not just responding to this post... it seems to be a theme. "Oh, no, Obama was elected, we're going to be a socialist state." First off... that's unlikely. And secondly, would it be so bad? What's wrong with the "European way" of things?


Dilawar Khan said...

Would it surprise you if when a steering wheel spun left quickly the vehicle made a hard turn? I'm not mathematician, but a small variance here should equal a huge gap twenty years from now. On the one hand you question a fatalistic approach, but a belief in fate is necessary in any society where men are to live as men. If we see the signs and ignore them, we run the risk of becoming fools, asking how and why. I appreciate Drs Innes and Kildow for making those of us who are otherwise disinclined or preoccupied aware of the details. Why question these men for their "overzealousness?" I believe the picture below is of Obama, and if Dr. Innes is in the photo, I don't recognize him. I haven't seen any similar depictions of Reagan...yet. To your second point I hesitate to respond ad hoc, but turn around should be fair play. Tell me, what strikes you as so right and wonderful about European society?