Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Boy King

By the dog that is god in Egypt*, I don't know who in the Muslim world is responsible for this equation of Obama with Tutankhamen, but it certainly is not any more over the top than anything the sycophantic press corp here has come up with--e.g., "Lightworker" in New Age parlance, "Messiah" or the "One" in Christian-speak. Fortunately, there is an expedient available to deflate this latest idolatry, in the form of Steve Martin's fabulous King Tut routine.

Unfortunately, it is not available for imbedding, which means you'll just have to link to YouTube yourself to see Martin's prophetic political statement. I urge you, in the interest of political hygiene and historical truth, to see it.

* One of Socrates' favorite oaths upon discovery of yet another aporia.

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