Friday, June 26, 2009

Waxman Markey Malarkey

In case you haven't heard, the global warming/carbon tax/21st century energy/giant leap forward cap and tax bill passed the House of Reprehensibles tonight, otherwise known as the Waxman Markey bill. If implemented, it will destroy this country's economy. Chances are slim that it will pass the Senate, but it is a non-zero probability, as the eggheads say. That means we are still very much in danger from the misdirected thinking, false science, ill will, and libido dominande (lust for power) of members of our own government. The Democrats, led by the One, intend to reduce this nation to the level of just one of 191 nations on earth. No manifest Destiny, no American Exceptionalism, and no more status as lone super power. We are on the way to becoming the most populous banana republic on earth, with corruption and demagoguery second to none. Give Barack and the Nancy Boys that much; they are bringing to their anti-Americanism the American predilection for swinging for the fences, going all-out. If you are shooting for a corrupt regime, pull out all the stops! More is never enough! If some is good, more is better! Like some kind of crazed craps player, they are trying to run the table, jamming into law legislation no one has read. How many time bombs do you think might be hidden in a 1200 page bill that no one has read? Is this outrageous to you?

How does any of this line up with our constitution, let alone the natural rights philosophy that underpins it? This is tyranny and usurpation, and the direction should be clear to all by now. No good has ever accrued from having a government with this much power. Our constitution was the pathbreaking innovation that formed a turning point in history. Madison's sacred fire of liberty is being systematically smothered under the wet blankets of unconstitutional intrusions and outright power grabs like the energy bill just passed, the upcoming health care legislation, and the fait accompli of government control of the auto and finance industries.

Give a listen to the Heritage Foundation's analysis of this mess, along with Rush Limbaugh's commentary. And then call or write your Congressman.

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