Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama, the Czars of Czars

I have recycled this PJTV video from Harold's addition below for a different application. (Good find, Harold. There is wisdom in many web surfers.)

The persistence of the "O," even in semi-official representations of the man by his party, is quite telling. I see no trace of the "O" on the White House website, but the those folks at Organize for America are clearly following the man, not the President.

It is not a substitute symbol, but a parallel one. What I find particularly troubling is the parallel structures that he is establishing. In addition to the seal, he has the "O." Through Organizing for America, he is mobilizing citizens not as President, but as Barack Obama, not under the flag but under the rising "O."

In addition to his cabinet, he has fifteen cabinet members and six appointees of cabinet rank, people like the director of OMB, the UN ambassador, and the EPA administrator. Alongside these are possibly thirty-one "czars" (Politico), depending on how you count, and soon perhaps as many as thirty-nine according to the PJTV video below. As these do not require Senate confirmation, they form a kind of parallel government--or the seeds of one--that is unaccountable within our system of checks and balances. Use of the word czar goes back as far as 1973. The name suggests extraordinary powers not subject to conventional democratic accountability. The fact that this President has multiplied them far beyond what anyone before him has ever contemplated is alarming in itself. Bruce Walker at American Thinker sums it up: "He is not appointing dozens of "czars." He is creating a party-state system of political commissars."

The Czar (or Tsar) was the Russian monarch, the title deriving from Caesar, of the Romans, as did the German "Kaiser." Thus, it means essentially "emperor." Since reigning over these many czars is the "O" himself, what dos that make Barack Obama?

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" - Wendell Phillips, speech in Boston, Massachusetts, January 28, 1852.


Since I posted this on Friday evening, President Obama's "Green Jobs Czar," Comrade Van Jones, resigned amidst controversy over his connection with Marxism and a few other embarrassments. Just when Obama wants to focus our attention on his Plan for Utopian Socialist Healthcare (PUSH), all eyes are turning toward the emerging Czarst American government, this communist that Obama recruited for his administration, and any other far-left ideological termites who are quietly eating away at our political and economic liberty from within Obama's commissariat.

Harold has drawn my attention to a Powerline post on this crack in the Obama castle wall. "Jones...signifies the soul of Obama's domestic policy as well as anyone in the administration."

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