Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wild Horses

We don't delve into pop culture much here, but occasionally something strikes a chord with one of us. I didn't pay much attention to the Susan Boyle phenomenon on the British talent show equivalent of American Idol, but enough to know she is a natural. She is now apparently coming to the States to do the one on this side of the pond, and has released a version of the Rolling Stone's Wild Horses. Is there anyone who does not like this song?

I've had this theory that one test of the quality of a rock song is how it fares when translated into a classical format. Many Beatles' songs pass muster here--they were simply brilliant, without knowing it (at least at first). Leonard Bernstein took particular joy in pointing out their native ability to write great music, thus showing that taste in music is not purely subjective. Ofra Harnoy, a Hungarian cellist, sat down with the Oxford String Quartet on Imagine and stuns with the beauty of the pieces. She is stunning as well. Other pop icons also have made it--Pink Floyd (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Hits of Pink Floyd) have had their songs symphonically reproduced, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders sat down with a full symphony orchestra The Isle of View), and Led Zepplin's songs have gotten the treatment as well. (London Symphony Orchestra: Symphonic Led Zepplin). There are no doubt a few more I am unaware of.

Take a listen to this version of Wild Horses--it's well worth the time; she shows the quality of that song, and the song shows the quality of her voice.

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Smitten by Charlotte said...

I think that's based on Charlotte Martin's version.

Here's Charlotte live in Hoboken in 2005 Audio isn't the best, but her piano comes through nicely.

And another based upon her recording, this one with horses. Studio quality.