Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Paul - Real Conservative or Stealth Kook?

Ron Paul has been in the peripheral vision of the public eye for many years. But rising popularity in a national campaign brings with it an intensely bright light of critical public scrutiny that takes many candidates by surprise...surprisingly. In other words, one who aspires to high office had better make sure that his political house is presentable before the rude and nosey company shows up and starts poking into drawers, sneaking away DNA samples and inspecting your library.

American Thinker presents a great deal of evidence that Ron Paul is an anti-Semite with sympathies for white-supremism, the Klan, kooky conspiracy theories and everything else that seems to go with this stuff.

As for me, I'm just asking.

In the interest of fairness, here are links to some Ron Paul YouTube stuff:

More potential trouble for Congressman Paul. The New York Sun headline today reads: "U.S. Raids Issuer of Ron Paul Coins." Albeit as someone who is not an economist, I find the arguments offered by people advocating a return to the gold standard to be quite reasonable, though I'm far from taking a side. I also don't see why federal authorities had to raid the Liberty Dollar people and haul off their bullion. But this is just another example of cranky, fringe people associated with this candidate.

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