Friday, August 8, 2008

Night of the Living Democrats

In that ur-horror flick, Night of the Living Dead, the dead rise and nothing the terrified townspeople can think to do will stop them. And vampire-like, everyone the un-dead touch becomes like them.

Note the similarities with the Democrat party's nomination process and its upcoming convention. The people of the small town of Obamaville, feasting and celebrating the coming of the Chosen One, find their civil celebration disrupted by the Candidate That Won't Go Away.

Silly Democrats--did they really think the Clintons would just quietly accept their assignation to the political crypt? The Obamians, leading the Index of Political Naivete (IPN--a political science metric of my own design), find themselves facing the prospect of the dead body they thought was safely stuffed in a trunk in the Senate office building rising again and walking onstage at the coronation of the World Citizen. Nothing they try will stop this woman. Denied entry at the front door, she scratches and claws through the rear screen door; pushed back from there, she tries breaking and entering through the windows; thwarted there, the exhausted Obamians hear terrifying noises in the basement.

Whatever the Obama Nation had in mind for their Clinton-free convention --a victory lap. a coronation, a color-coordinated food festival, a world-historical rave-- it is clear it will be more horrifying than they can possibly imagine now. The Clintonistas are the party of the Undead. For a terrifying glimpse of what might be, check out Ala's prescient JibJab production here:

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