Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stand and Deliver

After the blow-out, over the top, out of the park speeches both the Clintons delivered, our would-be deliverer is going to have to deliver, and big. As Peggy Noonan noted, Bill Clinton set aside the red-faced, glowering, angry Bill and brought out the political master, still fully in control of every nuance, and fully in control of a room, no matter the size.
Barry is going to have to be seen as a philosopher king, or the Messiah come down to reign, in order merely to follow the Clinton's true mastery of the form (forum?); but in addition, to measure up to the laughable staging of his own event.
Will it be a tragedy or a comedy? Or maybe just a farce? All of America will be watching, to see if our deliverer can deliver.

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