Saturday, April 18, 2009

Piety and Humanity

The Piety and Humanity Blog Photo (Westminster Assembly)

My productivity at Principalities and Powers has been low recently. (1) It's grading season. (2) What I have been posting has been over at my theological blog, Piety and Humanity.

Go there for a recent post on synchronized shepherding in Scotland, and see sheep dogs "paint" the Mona Lisa with illuminated sheep ("His Sheep Follow Him").

There is also a post in which I explore the marvels of creation that we (even you!) can access through high speed photography...everything from a hummingbird to a slapped face ("Slow Down and Behold the Glory of God").

Lastly, I risk heresy by questioning the moral legitimacy of many of our favorite sports ("The Sportsman and the Well Lived Life"). I only raise questions. But in doing do, I'm looking for answers. Feel free to offer one if you have one.

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