Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reductio ad Absurdum

Here is General Motors', er, Government Motors', newest big idea, quickening Nancy Pelosi's pulse. Is this what the world's wealthiest and greatest industrial and manufacturing nation is to be reduced to? I'm sure this attempt will find no more acceptance than the earlier, ill-fated Segway "It" that got about 3 days of press attention before it sank ignominiously beneath the waves. But unlike Dean Kamen's outfit, Deka Research, GM now has Congress and Treasury Secretary and Master of the Universe Tim Geithner making production decisions, determined to channel our buying decisions into products of their choosing. Regardless of how serious they are here, or how far they get with this thing (for some reason called PUMA--Personal Urban Mobility and Accesibility), it is a harbinger and symbol of what the green, Gaia-worshipping capitalist and America hating left has in mind for us if they have their way.

Everybody's got to sacrifice to, you know, save the planet.

Innes adds:
This vehicle appeals to Manhattan liberals and the wealthy leftist elite in general because they've never heard of CHILDREN!

Perhaps we should call it the American Leftist Automotive Decision Attrocity (American LADA).

Whether or not, you can read about the PUMA at CNN Money here.

I once knew a guy who believed that Congress should mandate a 35 mph speed limit and reserve all interstate highways for trucks. It would save thousands of lives. When the Democrats suggest this law, remember that you read it here first.


Ian said...

One word:


Nolanimrod said...

"never heard of children"
they have everything delivered.

Nolanimrod said...

re: reserving the highways for trucks.

AND we can eliminate vehicular congestion by just having one big warehouse with everything in it and when the social services manager decides what you are going to need that week it is delivered to you eliminating the need for you ever to go anywhere.

David C. Innes said...

Trust American ingenuity to perfect socialism. The social services manager becomes like the zookeeper who comes around with the bucket of fish for the bears. It is a beautiful vision. My eyes grow heavy at the thought of it.