Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Protestors 1, CNN 0

You've probably seen this segment CNN ran from the Chicago Tea Party, where the caustic CNN reporterette tried to make them all look like fools run by the eeeevil Fox News Network and unnamed Republican billionaires. What you have not seen is the turn around one lady pulled on her after they cut the segment. The Morristown rally that I attended had a much more triumphant and uplifting spirit than this one (we're almost certain to get a conservative Republican governor this year)--but then we didn't have an aggressive Driveby Babe trying to push people around either.


Nolanimrod said...

This was an outstanding piece of cinéma vérité. Sort of a beyond the proscenium arch kind of theater. And very, very telling. Once the "News" camera stopped rolling the plastic news babe became a person. And had a real discussion with another real person, with real concerns, real dreams, real fears. A real life. Two live humans conversing. With the news babe actually FINDING SOMETHING OUT.

You folks deserve a big hand for this one.

Benjamin Shaw said...

I heard about this, but had not seen it. Now I can't see it, because CNN has had it yanked "due to a copyright claim." God forbid that their people should look bad.

Nolanimrod said...

per Benjamin Shaw:

One of the perils of blogging on a site not your own. I heard a lot of chatter during the election from and about people who had put items critical of Obama on Blogger suddenly having their blogs shut down because of "spamming complaints." It happened with such regularity that there were those of us who believed Obama-heads were swarming the blogosphere filing complaints about any negative postings. Some of the blogs were restored to functionality, some not.

Ditto this CNN clip. It wasn't long enough to be a problem and there was original content with it (the part after the CNN feed was shut down and Susan Roesgen was actually listening to a woman rather than trying to humiliate her)but an outfit like Google can't be investigating and challenging every DMCA claim so they just pull the plug. Were it me, given the startling nature of the exchange between Roesgen and the female Tea Party goer I might have tried to dispute the copyright claim.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, it's starting...the long dark night of fascism I mean. It started with the McCain Feingold campaign legislation that prohibits political speech specifically protected in the constitution. The Congress will be moving against talk radio with a "localism" strategy similar to what is happening here on blogsites. Local boards will exist to complain about content unfriendly to Democrats, file complaints with the FTC, and the program will be neutered. There is also talk of giving the president emergency powers over the internet, somewhat like China or many other closed societies. Add all this to Janet Napolitano's little memo outlining the true danger to the republic--white Christian gun-owning pro-life veterans and the people who love them. No mention of the hugely financed Mexican drug gangs established in every major city, or the hundreds of radical mosques hiding sleeper cells.