Thursday, January 10, 2008

Closing the Deal: Obama Didn't; McCain Must

Karl Rove on "Why Hillary Won" (today's Wall Street Journal--check out their improved OpinionJournal page).

1. She got the beer drinkers; Obama got the more affluent, educated white wine drinkers. There are more beer drinkers.
2. The weepy moment connected with women.
3. The substantive attacks on Obama's record, his lack of a record, and his general lightness.
4. Obama fails to close the sale by adding substance to inspirational rhetoric.

Speaking of closing the deal, Kenneth Blackwell argues in today's New York Sun ("How To Seal the Deal") that this is precisely what McCain has yet to do with the conservative Republican base, and must do if he is to win not just the nomination but also the election in November.

1. He must be the agent of change (earmarks, entitlements, energy, health care).
2. He must reach out to conservatives and show that he will be helpful to their causes.
3. Follow Giuliani's lead by highlighting what good appointments he will make to the judiciary.

These measures will "energize the right without angering the center."

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