Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Jihadist "Lawfare" Ploy

This is the more dangerous prong of the jihadist attack on us--the lawfare ploy. ("Terror suspects are waging 'lawfare' on U.S.") Idiotic judges and the plethora of left leaning advocacy groups eager to stick it to the establishment (to use an old phrase but one that still carries the intent) are being played like the useful idiots the Soviets found so congenial to their purposes. John Yoo is a very sharp guy, and now joins Mark Steyn in being sued by people who would close the very legal venues they are abusing were they ever to gain power in the West. This legal and cultural assault is the only way they could possible win--which makes the inroads they have made all the more alarming--and since we will never run out of left liberals eager to bow and scrape at the feet of any authoritarian who also hates the traditional basis of America, we cannot ignore these increasingly audacious and increasingly frequent lawsuits. Time to wake up America.

-- Harold Kildow

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