Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Democrat Anger Management

As we head into another election, I want commend my fellow citizens who support the Democratic party, and especially the disappointed supporters of Al Gore's presidential bid in 2000. All things considered, they took it well, especially given the circumstances surrounding that particular election--circumstances which, because we are sensitive, we will not rehearse.

We have heard a great deal about Bush-hatred on the political left in America. But behavior in Kenya in response to their disputed election gives every American an opportunity to reflect on our political blessings here.

I pulled this from the Telegraph. Perhaps not the most vivid description, but it makes the point.

"If we aren't rescued from this place we know that tomorrow we will all die," said Agnes, a woman from the Kisii tribe, as she sat on a grass verge outside he district commissioner's office in Kenya's third city of Kisumu yesterday. Hundreds of fellow Kisiis milled about anxiously beside two empty buses. They are especially vulnerable in Kisumu for this area is a stronghold of Raila Odinga, the opposition leader defeated in last Thursday's disputed presidential election, and his Luo tribe. The Kisii are suspected of backing President Mwai Kibaki and allying with his Kikuyu people.

This Telegraph video makes the point more graphically: Massacres in Kenya: Thousands flee homes in fear of civil war.

I appreciate that no one in Florida or anywhere in our country was hacked to death with a machete. No congregation was burned alive together in a church. No American town was depopulated and razed to the ground.

Despite everything that we have been through these last seven years--what with Florida and Iraq and so forth--the Democratic left has been remarkably well behaved. It's worth mentioning.

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