Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hitch's Take on Mugabe

Recommended reading while Innes is grading papers, reading senior thesis drafts and winding down his courses:

Mandela Envy: Is Robert Mugabe's lawless misrule founded in jealousy? by Christopher Hitchens (Slate, April 21, 2008). "Knowing what they knew about his primitive politics and even more primitive methods, why did the leaders of the ANC continue to tolerate Mugabe when they themselves succeeded in coming to power democratically in the post-apartheid state? The answers are both illuminating and depressing." (Thanks go to Ritchie for this.)

This video, Baracky, morphs Obama with Rocky and turns Hillary into his opponents. In a free republic, the people have the security and the leisure to have a little fun with their politics. (Thanks to Andrew for the link.)

If you like fun, try Will Farrell, Christopher Walken and Blue Oyster Cult in the SNL sketch, "More Cowbell." (Warning: If you view this video (1) you will become noticeably more cheerful which could raise suspicions among people who know you, and (2) you will be singing "Don't Fear The Reaper" at least until you fall asleep tonight.)

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