Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Obama Still Pastored By Radicals

NRO has found that there is a connection between Barack Obama's fondness for his first pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and that pastor's radical political views. Jim Gerachty claims seems to have identified his second and third pastors and that they continue in the mold of the first.

Rev. James Meeks of the South Side Baptist Church is also an Illinois state senator: "We don't have slave masters, we got mayors! But they are still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able to be educated."

Michael Pfleger is a Catholic priest: "We're going to snuff out legislators that are voting against our gun laws."
Former Clinton White House official Lanny Davis keeps this issue alive in today's Wall Street Journal ("Obama's Minister Problem").

By the way, I found a video of Barack Obama withholding his hand from his heart during the playing of the national anthem at a political event. This footage goes with my previous post, "Obama's Speech and Deeds," that includes the video of this event and other disturbing confirmations of his America hating character.

Notice that all the other candidates are doing what patriotic, or just prudent, political leaders do in these circumstances.


Anonymous said...

I just sent an email to two of my very patriotic friends asking them: When you hear the national anthem, at a hockey, basketball, baseball, football game, what do you do? I know I stand and face the flag... I'm not sure I put my hand over my heart! It's interesting in that picture that the four people are not all facing the same direction. What's Bill Richardson looking at?

It simply looks like an odd situation. Not all like the Black Activists in the Mexico City Olympics of 68 who, on the podium, deliberately faced away from the flag, with their hands on their hips, expressing their disdain and hatred. I'd like to know the real story behind the picture.

I know quite a few people who take delight in a "Politically Incorrect View Of the History of the United States"... you know, the kinds of books that tear down every tradition that they can tear down.

I suspect Barack Obama would be perfectly at home with those friends of mine. They share the same jaundiced view of this great country of ours. (And they share the same rose-colored glasses view of all other countries.

So there are many people who, like Barack, delight in tearing down our traditional cultural pride in this country, while emphasizing every USA flaw, while ignoring the flaws of every other country, He's not alone.

But none of THEM are running for President. He is.

For shame, Barack. For shame.

Richie said...

I don't put my hand over my heart during the pledge, or the national anthem, and I don't hate America. I'm sorry, but I think this is a very trivial thing, and it makes the right look paranoid and witch-huntish. There are many, many problems with Barack Obama, but the location of his hands during the anthem/pledge isn't one of them.

David C. Innes said...

I think the important difference here, Richie, is that unlike you, Sen. Obama is an elected official and even one who is offering his services as President. As such, he has a ceremonial role as Patriot-in-Chief. He hasn't caught on that the office of President, even the office of Senator, entails an unavoidable "civil piety."

But that makes him just politically tin eared. What about the America hating etc.? If it were just this one thing, I would agree with you. But it is part of a larger picture, one of many pieces in a pattern of bitter left-wing America hatred, a larger picture that is a actually family portrait including his wife Michelle and his (surrogate father?) Jeremiah Wright.