Monday, April 7, 2008

Seriously. Is Hillary Insane?

We've known for years that not only Bill Clinton but also his wife Hillary are compulsive liars. This bothers some of us. Others, those who elect them, don't see a problem. It is not just that they lie, however. What is especially worrisome is that they lie when they don't have to. Their reflexive response in any given situation is to lie. Then the lie is often much bigger than it needs to be.

But Hillary's recent "dodging sniper fire in Tuzla" yarn defies explanation. She completely fabricated a dramatic, life threatening situation involving the first lady of the United States from an event that was well documented by reporters and films crews. What was she thinking? Was she thinking? Was she in this world?

Watch the whole thing here.

Emmett Tyrrell expresses his own amazement in "Running Out of Jokes," and Mark Steyn has a good laugh in "Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton."

At some point, you have wonder if a lifetime of self-focus and power obsession has perhaps finally driven her mad. Is she no longer able to distinguish between what actually happened and what she imagined would have happened in a more suitably glorious political career had it not been for her deadbeat husband and the vast right wing conspiracy? She's a United States Senator and she's running for President. We need to ask this question bluntly and seriously: Is Hillary Clinton insane?

Perhaps, judging by recent polls, the Democratic voters in Pennsylvania have been asking the same question and concluding that a candidate who has followed a wacky minister all his adult life is slightly better than one who is actually wacko herself. Tough choice.

Oh! This just in. I take it all back. This video footage has emerged corroborating everything that Sen. Clinton said. Sniper fire. Flying the plane. Everything. In fact, it turns out, she didn't tell the half of it! We need more humility like that in politics. Thank you, Mrs Clinton.


Anonymous said...

No, I don't think Hillary is insane. That's not really fair...

Wen you've spent your entire adult life getting away with huge whoppers, why would you ever change your behavior? It's been working for years... for DECADES actually... why won't it work today, right now, in Bosnia, when you want to emphasize the personal danger you felt as you landed on that, the incredible courage you felt, to remain calm while you walked out of the plane, and while greeting and hugging that stupid little girl, and your long-standing hatred of the military, with their freeloading fascist soldiers whining about actually hearing bullets flying by their heads, while they kill all hope of real freedom for the real people (the poor people) by the very existence of soldierdom? Che! Che! Che!

So it's been working for years, for decades. The media and the people have let you say anything, huge whoppers, time and time again.

Suddenly... the rules have changed. There's a new kid in town. You're no longer the high-school fave! People are ... gasp... pointing out FLAWS! Omigod. Whatever is a queen bee to do???

The solid earth beneath Hillary just shifted into sand. I am sure she no longer knows what to think. All those decades of lies... all that privilege... her whole adult life.... suddenly she cannot lie any more. The very meaning of reality has been called into question.

David C. Innes said...

It is now April 22, and I am about to turn on the TV to if there are any results from the PA primaries. We'll see if Hillary is suffering "Mugabe-envy."

LogEyed Roman said...

Okay. Broadly, the answer to the question is YES. Hillary Clinton is insane. Not in the clinical sense of psychosis. Anonymous above expressed several important essentials, and did it well. But I think the whole picture requires some additional brush strokes.

Hillary and Bill are control freaks. One person on the Net diagnosed them as severe "obsessive / compulsive disorder" folks, claiming that he (the diagnoser) had the terrible misfortune of being raised by two parents with this defect.

It is the pattern of control freaks that, while they may be able to maintain a facade of great normality, plausibility and calm for a long time, perhaps decades, this breaks down eventually. Deep down they have the twist, which they utterly refuse to question at all, that everyone is out to get them and they have to always outsmart them. They always believe, in addition, that they are smarter than anyone. Their twist eventually overwhelms their more normal discretion, common sense, and any integrity and ethics they might have. This is most especially true of control freaks who get to middle age without making any serious effort to admit and come to terms with their difficulties.

Anway, when control freaks finally go around the bend, the behavioral deterioration is strking. This especially true of those who have had the facade of a very "normal" life. They start losing their tempers more and more, and start saying strikingly stupid things and expecting everyone to believe them.

Sound familiar?

I do not remotely consider the Clintons to be serial killers (I hope they aren't!), but a really extreme example of the "control freak" mentality and its eventual collapse is Ted Bundy. He was handsome, simulated care and compassion amazingly well (he was a volunteer on a rape crisis helpline, for the love of God!). During his trial, he might have gotten away with a lfie sentence, but against all advice he eventually decided that (a) everyone, including his lawyer, was out to get him and (b) he could talk his way around any of them, so he took over his own defense, and botched it so badly with his wildy obvious lies and tall stories that he got himself barbecued.

Hillary has gone around the bend. So has Bill. This is why she has snatched defeat from the jaws of one of the most assured victories in American political history--for herself personally--and will be a decisive contributor, I suspect, to the defeat of the Democrats in November.

Clinically psychotic? No. No longer to be trusted to be in touch with reality? You betcha.

Hillary Clinton is bugeyed nuts.

LogEyed Roman