Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Islamic Demands, McCain Balks

Tony Blankley recently had a fine column on the increasing clarity of the mortal danger we face as a civilization with the influx of Muslim immigrants. ("Rising Euro-Muslim Tensions.") The situation is far advanced in Europe. We should learn lessons from their experiences.

But radicalized Islam places little value on the individual, while holding up for supreme value the interests of the group, particularly their view of the group called Islam. And it is this aggressive, assertive insistence by radicalized Muslims in the West to subordinate our inherent rights to their collective demands that slowly and more or less quietly is forcing Westerners to take sides in the radicals' demands. The resolution of this developing conflict -- if not managed by the elites in Western countries on behalf of indigenous Western rights -- inevitably will result in unnecessary violence.
Muneer Fareed, head of the Islamic Society of North America, has given us a stateside example of this illiberal bullying. He is "demanding" that John McCain refer to radical Islamist terrorists as "criminals" rather than as "Islamic." Says Blankley, "McCain, being as tough as nails, has said he has no intention of submitting to Fareed's demand and will continue to use "Islamic" to describe Islamic terrorists. But it will be interesting to see what the two Democratic candidates for president choose to do about this demand."

In a comment over on my Townhall version of this blog (Hugh Hewitt tells me that this practice is called "double breasting"), "Buck" writes:
Having lived in Muslim countries for many years, I will tell you that anything anyone says about Mohammed, Islam, or anything pertaining to that religion is a no no. When a Muslim immigrates to a western country, he brings his stupidity with him. Anyone in a western country who dares to impune anything about Islam will be targeted for death or mayhem. Western countries be warned. If they allow Muslims to immigrate to their country, they had better make sure that they do not admit any crazies.

A word to the wise.

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