Monday, October 6, 2008

A $700 Billion Laugh

Here's some fun from Saturday Night Live.

So, yes, the liberals know that the whole mess is their fault and that this bailout is coming to the rescue of many a fool and scoundrel.

Remember, it's only funny if it resembles the truth, or what is widely thought to be the truth.

Update: Well, shortly after I posted this, NBC pulled the video. Hmmm. Was that a political decision on the network's part? Will heads roll at SNL for politically inappropriate laughter? The political climate on the Democratic side is getting scarier all the time. I don't expect it to abate after October 31.

Further Update: I just heard this on Fox news. One sob-story couple who were not actually "victims" but made billions on their mortgages represented real people, and the sketch identified them by name (and in a caption suggested they be shot!). They are Herbert and Marion Sandler, radical left-wing and very wealthy real estate speculators. They, like George Soros who is also lampooned in the sketch, are also generous donor to the Democratic Party and many left wing causes like ACORN. Read Michelle Malkin for details.

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