Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From a Little ACORN, a Mighty Oak Tree Grows

Stanley Kurtz, doing one of the jobs the mainstream media just won't do, lays out the nexus behind the financial scandal of lowering morgage requirements to such an extent that a fair portion of world financial markets are in jeapardy ("Planting Seeds of Disaster: ACORN, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party").

You might want to file Kurtz's piece away for future reference, as the Democrats attempt their whitewash of this affair in the coming months.

I see this as diabolical--I use the word advisedly--on two levels. On the front end or surface, ACORN and their minions obtained handily their ostensible goals--more mortgages for poor people who would be in ACORN's debt, and more fees and government subsidies for making the arrangements flowing into their own coffers. But the larger picture involves the Cloward/Fox-Piven ploy--pressing democratic/capitalist structures to their limits and beyond in order to destroy them, create crisis, and thus pave the way for justified emergency intrusion by government to prevent societal or economic collapse. It is standard Marxist/Leninist doctrine embodied in the motto "the worse the better", given its American gloss by the now ubiquitous Saul Alinsky.

This banking crisis I believe must be seen in this context to be fully understood. The radical Left has spent the decades since 1968 perfecting this strategy across all boundaries of scale, and this happens to be their biggest score to date. But there are others are to follow--think of the oil drilling ban, the coming collapse of Social Security and Medicare, the prospect of nationalized health care, and large under-funded union pension funds--unless Republicans wake up and realize the depth and breadth of the subversion that has been going on right under their noses--Hyde Park, San Francisco, Madison, Manhattan, San Antonio, Berkeley, Boulder...you get the point.

If McCain and his campaign can't figure out how to bring this up before the election, the Obama administration that results will be full of these same jackals that Kurtz mentions, bent on taking us further into the Euro/ transnational leftist swamp where the rest of the West resides, and where voters have little more than a ceremonial role to play in their government.

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