Thursday, October 9, 2008

Liberals Making Haste...Slowly

What is it about Democratic presidential candidates and terrorists? Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were each famously supportive of ur-terrorist Yassar Arafat. Carter, whose administration never had a discouraging word for Arafat, to this day is carrying water for Hamas, and the most frequent foreign visitor to the Clinton White House was Arafat. Hillary showed her undying adoration with her famous embrace of Suah Arafat, currently living in Paris off the stolen billions of Palestinian aid money her turbaned hubby weaseled away from US taxpayers and gullible tranny organizations. Al Gore, while never publicly--or privately that we know of-- endorsed Ted "The Unabomber" Kaszinski, the almost identical texts of the Unabomber's manifesto and Gore's book "Earth in the Balance" make such an endorsement--either way--a natural one. (Go here to take the fun challenge of detecting which quote is from which document). And the entire left had a blackout on the domestic eco-terrorists the FBI recently crushed (compare with the round the clock hysteria set loose on abortion clinic bombings).

And now of course we find revealed the intimate connection--whatever denials the Obama campaign attempts--of Barack Obama and William Ayers, founder of the late 1960's Weather Underground group, responsible for hundreds of bombings, multiple attempted murders, and two accomplished murders to their "credit". All defiantly owned and unapologized for, by the way.

As Bob Dylan wrote, you don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing (from the song that inspired the name that Ayers' romantic little band took for themselves). And as John Locke before him put it, in language picked up by Jefferson, when a long Train of Actings show the Councils all tending one way, how can a man any more hinder himself from being persuaded in his own mind which way things are going...?

So, the prevailing winds have been leftward, despite the freshet that was the Reagan Revolution. The revelation of this season's Democratic candidate's relation to the hard left has had the effect of a termite inspector's flashlight aimed at the dark underground places no one has been paying attention to these past decades. Turns out all our institutions are infested with left radicals, and they have been busily destroying the foundations of our society from within. Maybe they have made their big move too soon, and the American public will recoil at the idea of radical leftists moving into the open in positions of authority; in which case under the cover of darkness they will continue their slow but steady work of undermining the foundations.

If not, and they manage to get their candidate into the most visible office in the land, get ready for a wicked left turn, as the radicals pour out of the basement and into the rest of the building.

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