Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flash! MoveOn.org Cracks a Joke

This MoveOn.org Obama video looks like the one's I posted in "McCain's Political Eloquence Deficit," and it's really funny. Who would have thought that MoveOn.org has a sense of humor. It just doesn't extend to self-deprecation or humility of any sort whatsoever.

I am actually a member of MoveOn.org by virtue of having signed up for a free Obama campaign button and bumper sticker. (I collect political items.) So if they boast of having tens of millions of members, you'll know that those numbers are inflated with people like me. It may also have scooped up people who joined thinking it was an organization to incorporate Ontario (ON) into the United States. I was a click away from that one not long ago, but they finally got me with the button.

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