Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Foreshadowing Liberal Fascist Violence

Here is another example of the sort of violence that seems to come naturally to the left, and without the slightest moral hesitation. Most of this is Sarah Palin's "political reading" interview with Katie Couric, but then a football player suddenly creams her, and then shouts condemnations over her broken body. Get it? That's funny! Well, some people think so, but we won't be laughing after the election. Palin's crime, of course, is daring to stand in Obama's way to the White House.

This Terry Tate linebacker fellow assaults the Alaska governor in this video too. Advance forward to the one minute point. The "hit" comes at about 1:21.

Part of the shock for me is that he hits a lady. She whimpers pitifully that she's hurt, but he just shouts down at her that she talks too much. We can't have people talking, can we. Certainly not if they are blaspheming the Prophet Obama or undermining political progress. Isn't the freedom of speech that is guaranteed by the First Amendment only for people who say things that are true? In other words, understanding the Constitution as a living document and thus interpreting its provisions in the context of our more enlightened age, shouldn't the value of social progress outweigh the individual right to free speech when that speech threatens our social progress, for example electing Barack Obama to the White House?

Oh, hold on. That's a European view.

Follow-up: A reader has drawn my attention to a possible alteration of these Terry Tate videos since I posted them. (By the way, I got them from I'm hearing no "saucy comebacks" to which he refers, but a voice-over adds "No Governors were hurt in the filming of this video." Of course, that makes doesn't change how appalling these videos are. Of course, the viewer knows that Tate's hits are just video trickery. But it is still the intentionally shocking image of a huge man assaulting a lady, a public official, and a rival to his political favorite.

More political violence from the Obama's de facto Sturm Abteilung.

John McCain backer: Mugger carved 'B' in me after noticing my sticker in Pittsburgh (October 23, 2008)
PITTSBURGH (AP) — A woman robbed at knifepoint at a Pittsburgh ATM told police her attacker knocked her down and carved a ‘‘B’’ in her face after noticing a John McCain sticker on her car.

Police say the victim refused medical attention for the wound. An officer saw the injury, but a police report does not describe its size or severity. Authorities say the woman is from Texas, but aren’t identifying her.

Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richards says the woman was withdrawing money at 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her from behind, put a knife to her neck and demanded money. She says she gave him $60.

The woman told police the robber then noticed the bumper sticker, punched her in the back of the head, knocked her down and carved a ‘‘B’’ on her face.



The carved "B" incident was apparently a hoax, i.e. a lie. What was this silly girl thinking?

It is sad, however, that her fabricated story fit into a larger pattern of violent Democratic rhetoric, including the visual rhetoric of hanging Gov. Palin in effigy.


Anonymous said...

(I left this question or Mr. Innes at his email as well...)

Dear Mr. Innes,

I have a question about your post on principalities and powers:

I'd email there, but I wasn't able to see a contact form there, so I followed your 'contact' link to this email. Pardon me if it's the wrong place.

When I watched those two videos I was deeply horrified and disturbed. It stayed with me for hours, I was so upset. Well I just watched them again.

I believe that those two videos have been modified at the end to make them less offensive.

Could you review the ends of the two videos and see if they match you remember hearing?

For speed, here are the two links:

Specifically, I thought I heard her moaning and/or groaning, instead of making the saucy comebacks while she's laying there.

And I don't remember the "no governors were harmed in the making of this video" disclaimer either...

I'd like to know what you remember, compared to now, when you view them. I swear I remember differently, and they've changed them.

Thank you, sir!

ps - This is a facet of youtube that disturbs me: no download. we have no control over "video memory"; youtube has complete control...


David C. Innes said...

Thanks Mike. I looked into it, checking the videos I posted and checking them directly on YouTube. I don't know if I originally heard the "No govs were hurt" tag, but it makes no difference. I do not hear any playful banter or saucy back talk. Of course, in this information suppressing climate that the MSM has created, I always suspect the worst.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, David.

When I first watched the videos (with horror at the end!) I ended up watching them several times in disbelief, including the endings. After the hit on Palin, when the body is sprawled face down on the floor, were realistic pained moans and groans, and a mumbled word in a moaning tone, "hurt".

What did I hear that prompted the email?

In #1, immediately after the hit, you hear Palin while sprawled face down, say:

A. "God DARN it" (or maybe "Gosh darn it") in a lightly complaining tone.

B. And later, right before the end, a lilting, almost cooing, "oooooh!".

In #2, immediately after the hit,

A. you hear the same lilting, almost cooing "oooooh!"

B. followed by her (saucy to me) "Didn't hurt!".

Now, I listened as carefully as I could that first time, and all I can remember hearing in her voice are some very realistic moans and groans (and mumbled/groaned one word "hurt"). These sounds don't show up anymore; they're not there at all.

Now, my ears were plugged that first day, and I'd had them unplugged prior to the second time, that prompted the email. But even though plugged, I was leaning forward listening as carefully as I could, because I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing.

So... I guess I'd like to ask, do you remember the sounds Palin was making when you first viewed the videos? Am I totally off base in what I thought I was hearing that first time? You mentioned in your post about, "She whimpers pitifully that she's hurt, but he just shouts down at her that she talks too much.", and that doesn't match the current audio very much either.

The new audio at the end turns this into slapstick, and that's just not what I remember hearing. And the video image, with her sprawled on her back, just doesn't seem to match the audio tone of what she's saying anymore, not to me. I remember it as being much more a deliberately vicious assault. Not a hint of slapstick then; all slapstick now.

Thank you again, Sir!
Michael Devereaux

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with the video
its meant to be humourous
no one was hurt obviously
and the point is palin was talking absolute crap in both those interviews
Terrible terry tate is non discriminatory - he hits whoever deserves it, regardless of race, colour, creed or gender
and she was talking jibberish and not doing her job right