Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama Youth Brigade Sings For Change

Evidence of the political Messianism that surrounds Barack Obama continues unabated. Here is a creepy video of children singing out the One. A child sings, "We're gonna spread happiness. We're gonna spread freedom. Obama's gonna change it. Obama's gonna lead 'em. We're gonna change it, and rearrange it. We're goin' to change the world."

Obama's going to bring freedom, but not for people to pursue happiness. The freedom will come in the happiness that he provides. He will do this by rearranging the world. This is consistent with the messianic claims his more enthusiastic follows have made for him. The song's expectation that he will "rearrange" the world is consistent with his claim that it is not politics that is broken (as McCain claims), but America itself. His wife, Michelle, says, "our souls are broken." Perhaps he will re-arrange our souls.

If Obama is sworn in as President, can we expect an Obama catechism for children, either issued by the White House or initiated by the public schools with the approving sufferance of the White House?

Nazis and Communists have been known for this blend of patriotism (a thing that is healthy in itself), Utopian political hopes, and personality cult. I thank the Belmont Club blog for directing me to this nightmarish scene from Cabaret that depicts a wholesome young man singing a seemingly apolitical song expressing love for his fatherland. The scene slowly transforms into a passionate, mass devotion to the Fuhrer and his personal agency in uniting these people with what they believe to be the beautiful future they deserve. It is called "The Future Belongs to Me."

Consider also this Leninist exploitation of children for political purposes. (Thanks again to Belmont Club.)

I can't vouch for the translation in the sub-titles, but it sounds like Mao's Cultural Revolution and today's North Korea.

[Note: Actually, my colleague at The King's College, economist Alex Tokarev, is a native Russian speaker, and he says the words have nothing to do with what the children are singing in this video, and the reference to Lenin's little potatoes doesn't sound credible even for socialist propaganda of the period. Always go to the source, and to the original language if you can!]

Of course, this is quite distinct from the love of country that we instill in our children, though within measure, even through patriotic songs such as "America, the Beautiful" and the National Anthem. It's worth reflecting on the difference between the cultivation of patriotic sentiment in young hearts and the propagandizing of children in totalitarian states that we see in these videos.

There appears to have been difficulty keeping the "Sing For Change" video publicly accessible, as Belmont Club attests. ("BTW, the original YouTube video was withdrawn from public sharing and the embedded video stopped working for a time, but someone has reposted it (HT Sobieski) and I’ve re-embedded. There may be a struggle to keep the video visible to the public in the coming days. Who could have foreseen it would be harder to keep a video criticizing Obama up than one criticizing Hitler?") Perhaps the thugs from Obama's "truth squads" have been busy.

Of course, the other side of messianic political movements and figures is their actively fascistic (yes, I use the word advisedly) intolerance of any criticism. We observe this in American political liberals in general, as Jonah Goldberg has documented in his book, Liberal Fascism, and as Barack Obama himself has already begun to demonstrate. See Harold Kildow's post "The Dark Night of Fascism."


Anonymous said...

That first video is simply frightening.

When will we learn that the kingdom of heaven cannot be established by an human government?

Anonymous said...

that first video is now's already happening

The Shalafi said...

We're sorry this video is no longer available
We're sorry this person is no longer available

starchild said...

Why can't we just live and let live, instead of trying to control others' behavior?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: NOTHING is ALREADY happening. Just search the video on youtube itself. You will find plenty. Doesn't mean that I don't find it scary, too. I am from Germany and as a citizen of this country, I - you can almost say "naturally" - have thought and discussed very much about the psychologial part in mankind that leads to dicatorship, the role of Nazi germany and so on and on. Watching parts of the people of the United States running wild because of Obama makes me frightened. Nevertheless it is not the "fault" of Obama. I am quite sure that he really wants to do some good. Anyway, this should simply never mean to give permission to brainwash children like it is done in those videos. By the way: The Bush-administration was no better. They told us (yes! the world!) that we had to be afraid of everything, every day, at every minute. That there were terrorists around every corner. That dicators all over the world want to kill the western people. That the "axis of evil" (maaannnn, what crap) is somewhat - yeah, what anyway? - out there? trying to torture us? I don't know, mainly perhaps that it is just THERE! And, last, but not least, that George W. Bush received his message from GOD!!! The last 8 years were no sugar at all. And now you won't even give this man one chance to do something better? I really am shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

To the person above... look at the facts. He hasn't done a goddamn good thing... and has already continued bush's vision on a scale that is just absurd when compared to bush himself. Check the Carbon Tax out. Check out how Gitmo is still going strong. Look at the bailout facts. He basically wrote a bunch of CEO's blank checks and TRILLIONS upon trillions are missing and continue to be sucked down a black hole. The Auto workers WILL not recieve their proper pensions. The Economy is screwed and its going to get much worse via the carbon tax (if it goes through). The carbon tax is a hoax anyway! The "green" movement is a total farce! The ice caps are fine and the polar bears are ok too! It's absurd and based on completely unsound scientific "evidence" Check out how all his talk about making corporations and the military "transparent" and accountable for their heinous actions is rhetoric. He has done the opposite of almost every big promise he ever made. If he hasn't done that then he just turned his back. He is easily 10x worse than Dubya. Readers...look these things up