Friday, October 17, 2008

Post Election Liberal Refugees

Here are two funny political videos for your weekend enjoyment.

If John McCain somehow wins in November, American liberals really need to make good on their promises and move north to Canada which I understand will admit anyone. Such a migration would serve two enlightened purposes. In view of Stephen Harper's recent electoral victory up there, this "surge" could prevent Canada from becoming a haven for the Conservative Party on our northern frontier. In addition, correct thinking people could more easily prosecute Mark Steyn for his thoughtcrimes.

Here are the two candidates for president yucking it up at the 63rd annual Alfred E. Smith fundraising dinner for Catholic charities.

It is a testimony to all the nations of the earth that the two men who are vying for the American presidency, the most powerful office in the world, get together every four years in this spirit just a few weeks before the election. It's because of who we are. Citizens would do well to study what that is, how we came to be this way, and what is required for preserving that character.

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