Thursday, October 30, 2008

What You Can Do For Your Country.

At the encouragement of my blogging associate, Harold Kildow, I have just donated to the McCain campaign. And you should too.

After laying out the case for how radical Barack Obama is--from monstrously fierce advocacy not just of abortion rights but of abortion itself to his economically suicidal commitment to the redistribution of wealth and the punishment of prosperity--how could I not put my money where my mouth is? What is your country worth?

Or take a strictly economic point of view. Anything you contribute now is miniscule compared to what you will lose under an Obama presidency--not only directly in taxes, but also indirectly through economic slowdown, perhaps even economic depression. Remember, recessions have economic causes. Depressions have political causes.

Obama has just spent $5 million on a half hour infomercial. Send McCain-Palin $25 or $100 to help the ole' fighter pilot snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with some more ads of his own.

$25 is less than you pay when the credit card company surprises you with a late fee. It's a haircut. It's an oil change. It's not too much to give to help save the country from becoming European. As Daniel Henninger said today, "Once it's done, it's done."

Click here. Donate Now.

Harold adds:

"Recessions have economic causes; depressions have political causes." That is Brilliant my friend. That should have been a part of the campaign. It will certainly remain germaine if we get a unified democrat despotism in our Christmas stockings this year. Rather have a lump of coal.

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